Safe and efficient rubbish removal

Aussie Chutes are made from extruded high molecular weight polyethylene. Mounted to scaffolding, slab or parapet – ideal for Developers, Builders, Roofers, Scaffolders, Demo Contractors, Masons, Landscapers, Renovators, Mine Sites, Supply Houses, Retail Warehouses.


High Rise Construction

Remove waste from heights without the use of a crane. Our side entry hoppers allow debris to be loaded from different levels simultaneously.

Perfect for renovators

Remove rubbish from roofs and top storey apartments without dragging it through the interior.

Easy materials handling

Move raw materials  around your site effortlessly.

Strong & Durable

Maximum resistance to abrasion & cracking.


Lightweight & Stackable

Easily manageable for one person.


Meets and exceeds WorkCover standards.

Save Money

Reduce both man and crane hours.

Australian Made and Owned

by the same Sydney family for almost 30 years.

Friendly Service

Hassle-free with fast response times.

Safety is our priority

All chutes come standard with anti-spill solid side guards, lockable loading hopper door with danger signage.

They are tough

Made from durable welded, UV stabilised, high molecular weight polyethylene with aluminium dump hoppers. Tested to 80m.

Installation service

Our experienced staff can provide a full installation and removal service to get your job underway quicker.

Mounting options

Aussie Chutes can be mounted on to a concrete slab, scaffolding or hung from a parapet or window.

Easy to handle

Relatively light weight and stackable, Aussie Chutes are easily transported from job to job.

Custom fabrication

We can customise our products for your unique requirements from our workshop in northern Sydney.

large sizes

different mounting systems

metres and beyond

years of experience

Get started with more efficient rubbish removal.